Georgios P. Trypis

Notary Georgios P. Trypis has an office in the center of Thessaloniki, at 22 Vasileos Irakleiou Street. Having vast professional knowledge and years of experience, he provides highly professional services with discretion, aiming in the successful resolution of the matters he undertakes. Georgios Trypis handles all cases which require the expertise of a notary, while he provides also respective consultancy services.

​Having a high sense of duty, consistency and respect for the client, the aforementioned notary undertakes all types of notarial deeds, ranging from powers of attorney, preliminary and final agreements to the incorporation, merge, alteration and dissolution of companies.


More specifically, notary Georgios P. Trypis, based  in Thessaloniki, provides high quality notary services, undertaking a vast range of cases, such as: Sale and Purchase of Land Plots and Immovable Properties, Parental Gifts, Acceptance of Inheritances, Powers of Attorney and Revocation of Powers of Attorney, Gifts and Revocation of Gifts, Incorporation and Dissolution of Companies
Preliminary Works Contracts, Civil Partnerships, Acknowledgement of Paternity/Illegitimate Child and so on. Generally, Georgios Trypis draws up all documents that validate agreements related to three sectors of law: urban planning and building legislation, family law and commercial law.

Visit the office of notary Georgios Trypis in Thessaloniki, to assist-cover you in all your matters, always aiming to successfully handle your affairs and protect your interests, based on the legislation in force each time.


  • Sale and Purchase of Land Plots and Immovable Properties
Drawing up of the necessary deeds and the Real Estate Transfer Tax Statement, including the calculation of the objective value of the immovable property.
  • Parental Gifts
Notarial deeds (between parents and children) related to immovable property. Drawing up the deed, which includes the description and the background of the acquisition of the immovable property, the special terms and the acceptance by the child.
  • Revocation of Parental Gifts

  • Acceptances of Inheritance
“The declaration of the provisional heir with which he/she states that he/she wishes wants to become the final heir. Since he/she accepts, he/she waives any right to renounce the inheritance.

The following are the supporting documents which you must provide the notary with in order to proceed with the acceptance of  inheritance of immovable property:
-Titles to property
-Copies of identification cards of all the heirs
-Death Certificate
-Certificate of next of kin
-Certificate that no will has been published
​or Certificate of Publication of Will
-Certified copy of will
-Cadastral diagram
-Copy of building permit
  • Wills and Calculation of Objective Values
  • Establishment of Horizontal and Vertical Ownership
“Establishment of Vertical Ownership: the deed by which a plot of land which is co-owned and has more than one buildings (or buildings to be erected), stipulates that each building will be an independently owned property, each property having a specific share in the land plot.”
“Establishment of Horizontal Ownership: the deed by which the owner of immovable property divides and creates more than one independent property, each one having an indivisible share in the land plot.”
  • Powers of Attorney and Revocation of Powers of Attorney
Drawing up the text of Powers of Attorney
A Power of Attorney delegates powers to the representative, which means you have to be very careful to whom you delegate these powers.
  • Gifts and Revocation of Gifts
  • Acknowledgement of Paternity-Illegitimate Children
  • Civil Partnerships
A civil partnership is an agreement between two persons (male and female) that they want to live together without entering into marriage. 
This agreement is signed by the two parties before a notary and it is registered at the Civil register.
  • Consent for In Vitro Fertilization
Drawing up of relevant notarial documents
  • Incorporation and Dissolution of companies
  • Company Shares and Transfer of Shares
  • Preliminary Works Contract
  • Transfer of Taxi and Bus Licenses 
  • Solemn Statements
  • Leasing and other Legal Services


Georgios P. Trypis

9 Fragkini Street,
P.C. 546 24, Thessaloniki

Τηλ.: 2310 222923  |  Κιν.: 6932 284847

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